Saturday, April 08, 2017

You can email me.

Update: I am still alive as of September 2022. And I still check this email address daily. I will continue to do so indefinitely, even as I get older and continue changing into the person I am supposed to be.

You may remember me as Eric Fleck. Maybe you went to school with me in the 80s and 90s in Orange County, California. Maybe you remember me as the weird kid you went to school with. Maybe you remember me from when I lived in Nevada in the later 2000s. I also lived in Florida, Washington State, and Virginia. Maybe you've met me at one of the many places I've worked over the years. Maybe you met me at some community college in the 2000s. Or you remember me from driving trucks all over the country. Maybe you remember me from Animutations. (Such as "The Fingertips Project") Maybe because I went to Dixie Square Mall. Maybe I sent you some yogurt wallpaper from there. Or maybe you just remember me from all the names I've used over the years. Or maybe you remember me from all my photography.

However, I don't use this name anymore, at least, not on the internet, and probably not much longer in real life either. And I don't use Lurch Poiuyt anymore either. (I still have a huge collection of classic cartoons) I was also using the name Neil Bronner for a while too and have contributed towards some movies, like some Manos and Zappa related projects.

I am still alive. You are welcome to email me. I am not the same person I was more than 10 years ago, but I still have their memories... good and bad. Even the cringeworthy ones that still haunt me to this day.

But I still have all their memories. And I do everything I can to be a good person, even if I wasn't when I was young and stupid.

Anyways, here is the best email address to contact me with...