Saturday, April 08, 2017


It's 2017, and I'm still alive. If you're looking for me, send me a message, it goes to an email address I still check daily. If I don't respond send another message if you wish. I have no desire to ignore anyone if they are legitimate people who remember me, and not an obvious spammer.

I am the same person who used to call himself Eric Fleck, Phleck, Phleckman (way back in highschool) and Lurch Poiuyt. I am the same person who made some flash cartoons 10-15 years ago, and was a part of The Fingertips Project flash animutation in 2005. Maybe you saw something I did on Albino Blacksheep. I also once had a website called Lurch Poiuyt's Cartoon of the Week around 2005. One of the last things I did when I used the name Eric Fleck on the internet was explore Dixie Square Mall in January 2012 right before it got demolished, and I mailed out pieces of the yogurt "wallpaper" I recovered from it.

Or maybe you remember me from my youth. I grew up in Orange County, California in the 80s and 90s and graduated high school in the late 90s. I even did some crappy cartoon art in my high school newspaper. If you remember me from back in the day I was that dorky white kid with a big head. I'm still dorky, white, and still have a big head, but the rest of my body caught up to it. :P I was quite a loner and still am, but I'm far more self aware and friendlier. :) I have also later lived in Florida, Nevada for a really long time, Virginia, Washington state, and I did spend some time in Oregon. Where am I now? Ask... but even that will soon change again.

What am I doing now? Being an adult and working. I still draw, but do far more photography these days and want to get back into doing things again later but my current life dominates my free time. Got stuff I want to do eventually but if you remember me and want to know what I'll be doing later, or want to reconnect, email me. Friendship is a wonderful thing, it's like magic. ;) I'm hoping to be around for a long time...

Here is the best email address to contact me with...

Saturday, December 08, 2012

I'm not doing this anymore.

I'm not using this website or name on the internet anymore. There's still some of my stuff floating out there, but I'm not publishing any more new material with this name, or any past names like Phleck or Lurch Poiuyt. If someone wants to contact me, feel free to email me, or leave a comment.